Alex Sutton
Alex Sutton is a junior at Highland. He runs hurdles in track which is his favorite event. He occasionally likes to mountain bike, although he admits he’s not the best. Watching a good movie is something that he enjoys doing. This is his second year doing journalism and he really enjoys it. Alex takes journalism because he enjoys reading, telling stories, and he likes Coach Winn’s class. He says taking the class has helped him become more aware of the events happening around us. He is a science lover and is interested its many fields. He is still undecided about his future, but he has some ideas like doing engineering. He can be a little introverted in the beginning. However, once you get to know him he’s a very easygoing person. He has a kind smile and when things get awkward he tends to laugh which helps loosen up the tension. He takes his responsibilities very seriously, yet finds time to be a teenager. He enjoys snacking and you can usually find him with mints, candy, or some other food. For him, the little moments in life have carried the biggest lessons and helped shape who he is today.

Alex Sutton, Junior Web Editor

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