Jordyn Shingleton
Jordyn Shingleton is a 16 year old junior who has accomplished phenomenal things at such a young age.  Just last year, Jordyn got published in Utah prep magazine for a piece she wrote on a student here at highland.  Utah prep is a fairly large, well known magazine in the state of Utah, so managing to get published in that magazine is pretty amazing.  Not only is Jordyn Shingleton an intelligent human being, but she has an amazing heart as well.  Last summer, Jordyn took the opportunity to go to Kenya simply to help others.  While there, her already positive outlook on life was changed drastically.  She described seeing all the poverty in this country as life changing, and once she came home, her appreciation for everything skyrocketed.  It is difficult for people to realize how fortunate they are in many situations, but Jordyn is the kind of person who can realize how great life can be and take nothing for granted.  While she clearly has a natural desire to help others, Jordyn says that her mom is her biggest inspiration in everything she does.  From schoolwork to volunteering, her mother is the person who pushes her to do amazing things and sets a great example for her selfless daughter.  In fact, Jordyn and her mother are so close that Jordyn started diving because of her.  While not currently on a team, Jordyn continues to practice diving to please no one but herself.  It is these kinds of self-motivated people that can really live influential lives, and I think that everyone needs someone like Jordyn Shingleton to look up to.

Jordyn Shingleton, Senior Editor

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