Julia Daines
Julia Daines is a senior at Highland High School. She started Journalism her junior year and her passion for writing has sky rocketed ever since. She easily maneuvers into deeper issues and more sensitive topics because she is very open-minded and sees everyone’s different views. In the spring of 2016 at the UVU journalism competition best editorial was awarded to her for writing an amazing article called “Graduating Early.” Daines is very hard working and determined which is why she achieved this acknowledgement. Competing against writers that had been writing for many more years than her, she came up on top with her natural talent. You will see Daines at every school event game cheering on her school or on the field capturing the intense rivalry on her camera. She first discovered she loved taking photos when she took a photo class her freshman year that taught her how to use a camera. The camera’s different settings allowed her to capture cool moments that she will remember forever. Running for SBO Historian was never what she imagined doing until she took photos for pep club last year and realized she had a passion for photography. Since then she has brought a lot to the table for this school year. Not only will she be cheering or taking photos, she is on the soccer field passing, shooting and running every day to prepare to play weekly varsity soccer games. Soccer has influenced Daines the most. It has taught her to always work hard no matter what and when you do work hard you will get positive outcomes. Managing grades, friends, sports and family is very difficult in high school but she always makes time and is an excellent student. This sport has shaped her life and taught her important life lessons that she couldn’t experience anywhere else.

Julia Daines, Senior Editor

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