Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown is a senior at Highland this year and is in her second year of journalism. She is the sports editor which is perfect since she loves watching and playing sports. Brown loves watching football, especially when the Dallas Cowboys are playing, and loves playing softball. She has been playing since she was 5 years old and is on the Highland softball team.

When Brown isn’t writing for the Rambler or playing softball, she is probably babysitting, volunteering, or hanging out with friends and family. Brown volunteers at St. Marks Hospital, the Humane Society of Utah, and Best Friends Animal Shelter. She enjoys volunteering at all of these places, and is the National Honors Society President for Highland this year. Brown also loves hanging out with her loved ones, whether it is going on hikes or watching movies all together.

Brown loves children, and wants to become a NICU Nurse in the future. To get to that goal, she will be studying nursing at the University of Utah next fall. But until then, Brown is going to make the most of her last year in journalism and enjoy every last minute of her senior year!

Lauren Brown, Sports Editor

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