lindie Bell
Through out her life Lindie Bell has constantly strived to improve herself. Whether it is her acrylic paintings of various 1920s woman, or her passion for playing the piano, Bell has always pushed herself to improve. Like many of us trying something for the first time she initially experienced frustration as she tried to perfect a particular piano piece or finish a difficult painting.  However because of her strong belief in bettering herself, what once was difficult for Bell began to come more easily.   Although not always a passionate writer, Bell has always loved to read. In the 4th grade she read a book about the life of Mozart that changed her way of thinking. It inspired her to look at the world with a new perspective and branch out of her comfort zone. Ever since, she has strived to do new things. That experience is also one of the reasons why she now enjoys writing.   For many writing can be a sort of escape from everyday reality. This proves true for Bell. She enjoys picking a part books, analyzing every aspect of the plot, and characters. This way of looking at thinking was inspired by a very influential teacher of Bells that encouraged his students to read in between the lines and find out what the author is really trying to say to his audience.   Now a junior in High school Bell looks forward to continue to write as a member of the Highland Rambler staff and hopes to explore new perspectives of the every day issues that high school kids face.

Lindie Bell, Staff Writer

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