Maggie Lea
Maggie Lea is a sixteen year old junior at Highland, joining the Rambler for her first year as a staff photographer. Her involvement at Highland extends to being on the Highland Television System crew, serving as a third-year member of the National Honors Society, and enrolling in many honors and Advanced Placement courses. Outside of school she is constantly acting at the Utah Children’s Theatre and performing electric guitar with her church rock band, Faith on Fire.

Lea’s passions include photography, theatre, broadcast journalism, puns, and spending all her time with her sister, Helen. She harbors an unmatched love for space and can be found wandering aimlessly in the woods, looking up at the stars. Lea aspires to create thoughtful and interesting work, and is excited to be a part of this amazing staff.

maggie lea, Staff Photographer

Jan 17, 2018
The Snow is a No Go (Media)