Nick Lloyd
Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, 16 year-old Nick Lloyd is a Junior who is incredibly funny and nice to everyone he meets.  He also has a very bright and bubbly personality but when the time comes to be serious , Lloyd knows how to buckle down and get to work. In his spare time, Lloyd enjoys photography, film making, painting, drawing and playing the guitar.  Nick also states that “ I like to takes pictures because I believe it captures a specific piece of history compacted with emotion. It is kind of like a visual journal.”  Lloyd also enjoys photography because “it pushes yourself to do more and there are so many different compositions and techniques that will always allow room for you to improve and to be able to create your own style of photography.”  An interesting fact about Lloyd, is that he really loves to learn and is always looking to try new things. Lloyd says “I have always loved to take new classes I've never been in before, so I'm really excited about journalism.”  Lloyd also has an 18-year old sister named Lindsey Lloyd, who graduated from Highland last year, a 22-year old brother named Skyler Lloyd, and a 24-year old brother named Brandon Lloyd. A typical Friday night for Lloyd is usually one of three things he said. Lloyd likes to either hang out with friends and drive around or watch a movie at someones house, or just basically do something fun. Lloyd also likes to go out and take pictures with friends, or “just chill at home editing photos or videos.”  You might also find Lloyd on a Friday night at home painting. All in all Lloyd is a photography loving, outgoing, kind and humorous person.

Nick Lloyd, Photographer

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