Olivia Burkley
Olivia Burkley is a junior and returning photographer for the Highland Rambler. Burkley is the youngest in her family with two older siblings. Just like most teenagers, Burkley loves the weekend. The sights, the sounds, the activities; given Friday is her favorite day of the week. On Friday nights she can be found in the center of the Highland Pep Club, energetically cheering on her highland Ram’s football team. When not pepping, Burkley can be found down on the basketball court, soccer fields, auditorium and more for other highland associated events, capturing the exciting moments for the Rambler. Burkley is a very dedicated and hardworking student inside and outside of the classroom. Her favorite class she is currently enrolled in, is Journalism, “It gets you really involved at highland and gives you great opportunities” Burkley continues, “Last year at the semi finals for football I was able to be on the sidelines and in the locker rooms. It was amazing to experience the game, and hear the inspiring pep talks from [head football coach] Coach Benson” . In addition to being a dedicated and hardworking student, Burkley is a great friend and a fun person to be around, once you get to know her. Burkley’s personality can best be described as a traffic yield sign; Shy and slow at first but once she becomes comfortable around you, is fun, energetic, charismatic, and in Burkley’s own words, “someone who doesn’t hold anything back”.  Burkley’s friends describe her as “the best friend you could ever ask for”, “Full of energy and fun, once you get to know her”, and “talented, loving and so much fun to be around.” Olivia Burkley is a great part of the Highland Rambler.

Olivia Burkley, Photo Editor

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