Sydney Stam
While most high school juniors at Highland are asleep at three in the morning, Sydney Stam can be found at least twice a week sitting at her desk in a dimly lit bedroom sketching her thoughts away with a pencil. And if she’s not at her desk, she can be found fumbling around trying to get ahold of the sketchbook she keeps beneath her bed. It’s not her insomnia that has driven her draw, though it has helped her to refine her artistic skills. It’s the love of art that her grandmother instilled in her at an early age through afternoons of arts and crafts. At 10 she started picking up classes at the Peterson Art School and by 12 she was already tinkering around with a Canon Powershot her parents had given to her as a gift. Every aspect of art piques Stam’s interest and she has dabbled in many art forms though she often falls back on Realism as her real passion. Through so much exposure to art forms Stam can do it all, having mastered the complexities of Adobe InDesign as well as perfected capturing moments on camera. Apart from experience in art, Stam is the ideal Art Director of the 2016-2017 Highland Rambler because of willingness to try anything and also her inclination to be a hard worker. She will not step away from a project until she finds it perfect, and with her attention to detail, that amounts to a lot of extra time and effort on her part. She has won multiple state awards for her sports photography and graphics that have been in the Rambler. Stam would love to work as a photo journalist or graphic designer post college, but for the time being she enjoys hanging out with friends, taking photos on the sidelines of sporting events, and using art as an outlet rather than a source of income.

Sydney Stam, Art Director

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