The Dos and Don’ts of Corona

Quinn Stephenson, Staff Writer

May 7, 2020

Wake up after lunch. Wash your hands. Check Canvas. Wash your hands. Cry because you have nothing to look forward to for the next couple of months. You just touched your face, wash your hands. I’m sure we’ve all developed our ...

Morals and COVID-19

Ella Janeway, Staff Writer

April 28, 2020

The world is in crisis mode, leaving people in a greedy, unhumanitarian frenzy. Walking through grocery aisles is surreal. Shelves have been left barren of food and in place are signs asking to only take what you need.  B...

RPI System Is Hurting High School Sports

David Burnett, Rambler Staff Writer

February 24, 2020

With the new RPI state playoff system, the UHSAA is getting one step closer to just handing out participation trophies to every team just for playing. With the RPI ranking system, each team in the state, no matter what its record...

Follow Kartchner, But Not On Instagram

Audrey Hemingway, Sports Editor

September 30, 2019

Of all the assemblies you’re planning to skip this upcoming year, I really hope this was not one of them. We all need help in becoming free from the chains of our devices. “Save the kids” is a hashtag that Collin Kartchner...

Parents Need To Let Their Teens Off The Leash

Caylee Caldwell, Editor-in-Chief

September 30, 2019

I have spent nine months behind the wheel of my hand-me-down, bright blue, Toyota Yaris complete with one-too-many dents and scratches. While it may not run smooth like butter, I couldn’t possibly imagine the last few months...