Looking To The Next School Year

Alex Sutton, Web Editor

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The end of the third term marks the beginning of spring, senioritis, and SBO elections. With most major SBO’s already elected, its time to start talking about the next school year and the changes that have to take place. While there are many rumors surrounding new school policy, and a lot of good (and some bad) proposed changes, here are a couple of ideas personally would help me the most as a student.

    First – Someone at Highland has got to figure out who is vandalizing the Men’s restroom on the third floor. I’m positive it inconveniences the janitors  to clean up the graffiti as much as it inconveniences me to have to walk farther, and take away more class time. It’s a first world problem, but if we have the luxury of modern plumbing, why aren’t we taking advantage of it? Because someone put the “F” word on the wall for the sixth time this month.

    Next, more of those water bottle filling stations. A luxury we have been blessed with, but can’t receive more of because everyone is stuck waiting for the kid with the gallon jug to finish. It would be easy to avoid that awkward tension surrounding waiting to fill up your water bottle if  Highland had multiple places to do so. I’m sure filters are expensive, as well as the station and what not, but the one on the first floor is at over 7,000 “water bottles saved” and still kicking.

    Potentially the hardest challenge the student body as a whole faces next year is unification. There are already countless articles written about the shrinking size of the Black Hole, and the general decrease in “school spirit” that I won’t go into here, but if the administration, SBO’s, and general population of Highland can pull it off, it would make Highland “great again,” and make assembly’s worth going to again.

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Looking To The Next School Year