The Future for Rams Baseball

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What is the key to a successful team? Is it how much you win, the coaches, the fans? The integrity or attitude? The only way to truly understand how success occurs in sports is by looking at the talent of the Highland High Baseball Team, now with the smashing score of 7 wins.

David Totzke, sophomore, starting pitcher/utility player on the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams and jersey number 28, has been playing sports since before he could walk and baseball for roughly 3 years. With a natural gift on the field and in the athletic world, Totzke is able to recognize this new streak as an extreme accomplishment.

“I’m not even sure how long it’s been seen we saw a season like this,” Totzke said. “This is more than coach [Rafael Flores] has ever had.”

Totzke sees a visible uplift in the team’s atmosphere, win or lose now there is a “new feel” to the team. The amount of games in their favor has created new purpose towards the sport for players and coaches alike, yet there is still adjustment from the past lack of focus on the baseball team.

“In the past, we tended to be overlooked as a sport,” Totzke said. “Yet now we’re changing to a winning culture.”

This “winning culture” Totzke speaks of is the drastic increase of attendance and school spirit in the games. Compared to before this season, there has been a palpable spike in fans coming to support the players. The fanbase has risen to numbers unheard of even this time last year.

Despite what Totzke described as a “heartbreaking win or go home game” against Bountiful, the team has an extremely positive outlook for the future. With claims to fame like the sweep against East, something that hasn’t been accomplished since 2004, this season has made Highland baseball a legitimate athletics program among students.

For both future games and future teams, this insane confidence booster of a season will continue to carry a new legacy. A legacy that Totzke and all of his teammates are proud of, he looks eagerly to continuing his position as starting pitcher and utility player. The confidence of the community and players alike is projected to carry into the next season and many after.

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The Future for Rams Baseball