Crouching Bracken, Hidden Dragon

Hayden Bracken and the Dice Thrower’s guild Take Dungeons and Dragons to the Halls of Highland.


Kyle Adams

Hayden Bracken serves as game master during a club meeting

Eli Adams, Staff Writer

Starting in November, Orcs and Goblins will be roaming the halls of Highland. Grab your 12-sided die because the Dice Throwers Guild, lead by Hayden Bracken, will start weekly meetings to play “Dungeons and Dragons” along with other tabletop and role-playing games.

This club is not just for experienced players. All are welcome to have a good time with friendly people, no matter their experience in these types of games.

“We really wanted to be able to play some D&D with some people and make some friends,” Bracken said.

Club meeting will be held on Tuesday of every week in Mr. Brackens, room D214.

This club was formed for the purpose of giving gamers a space where they can interact and find others with whom they share common interests. Highland, much like many high schools, has a very diverse population of people and interests. Bracken was initially surprised at how many people were interested in playing D&D.

“Too many! A lot more than we thought, that’s for sure. Like 50. At least 50 people who want to join and play some D&D,” Bracken said. “Not all of them want to join the club. A lot of them are closet nerds!”

So far there have been at least 20 students who have either joined the club or expressed interest in doing so.

Asked about the stigma that D&D players and other gamers suffer under, Bracken certainly did not shy away from embracing his love of role-playing games.

“I think the words “nerd” & “geek” are definitely proof of [there being a stigma]. But it’s not quite as large as I thought it was,” Bracken said. “And I mean, as open about D & D as I have been, like no more than three people have tried to punch me so far . . . People are a tiny bit more mature now.”