Highland Choir Conquers First Concert of School Year

Alex Sutton, Associate Web Editor

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Music filled the Highland auditorium last Tuesday as all Highland choirs performed for the first choir concert of the year. While waiting, the audience was treated to the music of The Miners, a duo who played a variety of songs that fit the theme of “American roots music” for the night. Students sang a variety of songs that were all of the “folk” genre.


Each performance was engaging, showed the strengths of each group, and was different from anything else in the concert. This year the stage was occupied by all the classes at once, with the group performing standing while other sat. This mix of visuals not only let the groups hear each other perform, but also led to some interesting rounds later in the concert, with choirs trading off on who was singing, each having their own role in a much larger group.

Each block of songs was also separated by a small group performance. The first was performed by the Arnell family, the second by The Miners duo who performed prior to the concert, and lastly a solo by Daniel Anson. One ongoing trend of the concert was Ben Lambert, a student who was accompanying the choirs on the piano on some songs.

“Being in a concert as a pianist is a little bit tough sometimes, it really depends on what you’re playing. It does get easier though with practice playing in front of people,” Ben said.

The concert is exciting for all students involved. Lambert takes a special place being front and center on piano, but all students participating really add to the group and the energy on stage.

“We were really strong and sang with gusto,” Andrew Sonzini, one of the students performing said.

The choir will continue to have concerts throughout the remainder of the year, and are a great way to not only see what work the students put in during the school day, but also appreciate a large amount of support from parents, local musicians, and others who contribute behind the scenes to make it all possible. It is a group effort of educators, students, and others alike that make Highland’s performing arts program exceptional.

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Highland Choir Conquers First Concert of School Year