Cutting It Close In Fantasy Football


Eli Adams , Staff Writer

Some play for fun. Some play for money. Some even play to save their hair. This year at Highland, students participating in fantasy football leagues decided to make their exploits more interesting. The loser had to shave his head. You may be wondering why head shaving was an option, but you must remember that this is a competition between high school boys.


“That’s what we all agreed was embarrassing. The loser had to feel enough embarrassment.” Senior Kai Mack said.


After a season of games, there were obvious winners and unfortunately, an obvious loser. Mack was tied for last place with junior James Stoddart with one game to break the tie and decide who had to part ways with their hair. Unfortunately, Mack suffered a terrible loss (79 to 148) that there would be no coming back from. In the end, it may have come down to a bad choice in players but Mack was the one who needed to shave his head nonetheless.  


This tradition of fantasy football has been going on for a few years. Unfortunately for Mack, this is the first year there was a punishment for the losers other than the regret of picking the players they did.


“The original plan for the punishment was that the other 7 people were going to shave the loser’s head but, due to extenuating circumstances, Kai ended up shaving it himself,” Stoddart said.


Sadly, Mack still has some hair left. But then again, there is always next year.