Symphony at the Talent Show


Caylee Caldwell, Staff Writer

Two wrestlers stepped onto the stage during the Highland talent show assembly, accompanied by a piano and a large wooden box.


A sleek fedora and shiny dress shoes, a thumping beat and a moving tune, and the audience was on their feet.


Wesley Watson and Taige Pearce have been friends for two years now, getting to know each other as wrestling teammates, and not exactly two people expected to be performing touching melodies in a talent show assembly. Entering their talent in the show was a spir of the moments decision made over an improvised duet in the SPA hallway.


“He came to the piano and started to play and I got my cojon and joined in,” said Watson.


A cojon is a spanish instrument, similar to a drum. Watson has been playing the cojon for a year now, having played the drums for 4 years before that, and Pearce has been playing since freshman year. Completely different instruments joined together to create something beautiful.


Anyone who was at the assembly knows just how beautiful the song they played was, though I doubt many people have ever heard it before. The song was called “Cosmos” and was written by Pearce in his freshman year, and paired perfectly with the beat of the cojon.


Despite the fedora, the ties, and the shoes, the appeal of their appearance was drowned out by the allure of their music. All you had to do was close your eyes, and suddenly you were at the symphony.


This performance deserved every cheer and every person up on their feet.