Amelia Hilterbrand

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Amelia Hilterbrand

Lauren Brown, Sports Editor

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By definition, a civil engineer is someone who designs and maintains roads, bridges, dams, and similar structures. They must be good at physics and mathematics, in order to solve engineering problems. This future career is right up senior Amelia Hilterbrand’s alley.

Hilterbrand wants to become a civil engineer, which is perfect because she is the math Sterling Scholar this year.

“Math is all logical,” Hilterbrand said. “It’s not something I have to memorize or learn every concept in…if I know the general information, I can figure out how to solve problems.”

Hilterbrand has always been good at math, even at a young age. In kindergarten, her parents started noticing that she picked up math quicker than other kids her age, so they aren’t at all surprised by how well she has excelled in the subject at school.

During her freshman year of high school, she took secondary math 1 honors. She skipped secondary math 2 and took secondary math 3 honors her sophomore year. From there, she went from IB math during her junior year to AP statistics now in her senior year.

“[Amelia] is very goal-focused,” Hilterbrand’s mom DeAnn said. “When she puts her mind to something, she pursues it and gives it everything she has.”

Hilterbrand isn’t only goal-focused in school, but also musically. She has been playing the flute since 7th grade, and is even a part of the Highland band.

When she isn’t practicing the flute, she might be playing tennis (which she played for Highland her freshman and sophomore years, but plays just for fun now), reading, volunteering with the Realife program at Highland, or doing homework.

Hilterbrand always has a lot of homework and is kept busy at school due to her commitment to the IB program. Students in the IB program have to take certain classes, pass exams at the end of the program, and can even earn international college credit once they have completed the program. The IB program has been a great experience for Hilterbrand, as it has challenged her with a more difficult schedule her senior year.

“I didn’t put any pressure on her at all to join the IB program, but I’m glad she decided to do it,” DeAnn said. “I really like the IB program at Highland and all the teachers that are a part of it.”

Her hard work and dedication in the IB program, as well as in school in general, are only a few reasons why Hilterbrand is the perfect math Sterling Scholar. She has worked hard in math during high school, and is now recognized and appreciated for everything she has accomplished.

Hilterbrand has already achieved so much in high school, and is excited for what the future holds. Like mentioned earlier, she would like to become a civil engineer in the future. She has applied to the in-state schools of Utah State, BYU, and the University of Utah.

“All three of those schools are good options,” Hilterbrand said. “However, if I went to the University of Utah, I would do a double major in civil engineering and math.”

Hilterbrand’s love for civil engineering came from her uncle, a civil engineer, whom she really admires and looks up to. She thought the job looked interesting, and was intrigued when she found out it involves math.

Hilterbrand would like to use her knowledge of math and her future career of civil engineering to make a difference in the world. She would possibly like to go to a less developed country, and lay down the groundwork so more people can have access to clean water.

Things like that are what makes DeAnn so proud of her daughter. Hilterbrand is a very compassionate person, who always does the right thing.

“Whatever she puts her mind to [in the future], she will accomplish,” DeAnn said. “[Amelia] is not only smart, but is also willing to work hard.”

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