Lily Chidester


Ethan Sutton, Staff Writer

If you ever are stuck in foreign lands and need to translate a language to talk to locals, Lily Chidester is the person for you.

Lily Chidester has received a nomination for the World Languages Sterling Scholar Award at Highland High. Her skills involve primarily speaking Spanish, with some other languages such as Japanese under her belt. She is currently in the IB Spanish class taught by Carolyn Ebert.

Although one could say Chidester’s expertise lies in world languages, she is involved as well in some other things. She is a Soprano in Highland’s Madrigal choir, the president of Highland’s choir council, and is on Highland’s Seminary council. She is a great example of a leader and a friend.

“She is incredibly kind and is super involved. She makes sure we are on top of things,” choir council member Hanna Richards said.

Chidester has been through a lot in her past years of high school, especially being in the IB program at Highland. She gives credit to Monica French for helping her to establish her work ethic.

“She is amazing,” French said. “Anywhere she puts her energy she is successful. It was obvious that she would do great since her freshman year. It’s just exciting to see a freshman be successful since day one.”

Chidester plans to be an anesthesiologist later on in life, and plans to use spanish to help her out in this profession, as well as in her travels. She also wants to study abroad in a spanish speak country to immerse herself in their culture.

Besides juggling the intensity of the IB program, Chidester’s time in madrigals adds to her work frenzy. The Madrigal choir at Highland does 30 or more performances each year, and heighten in frequency during the holiday months. Yet Chidester pushes through it all.

“We have tight schedules, but whenever we can we talk on a group chat. It’s rough sometimes, but we understand each other’s struggles since we’re in the same program,” Daria Malovich said, a friend of Chidester’s, who is also in IB and Madrigals.

Chidester has been immersing herself in world languages since elementary school. She has taken Spanish since her early years all throughout high school.

“She deserves it,” Malovich said. “She has taken a language longer than anyone else I know. It only makes sense that she got [the nomination].”