Madeline Rodriguez

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Madeline Rodriguez

Ana Toronto, Staff Writer

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Like Adam Sandler, Madeline Rodriguez began her career as a wedding singer. When Rodriguez was six years old her mother asked her to sing at her wedding. This was her first performance and one of her earliest memories but enough to spark a passion for singing that she has carried with her.

At a young age Rodriguez knew she wanted to sing but wasn’t always confident in her abilities. Throughout her middle school years, she started to develop confidence through affirmations and reassurance that people gave her. Rodriguez’s middle school had a solo and ensemble festival, where they could perform a musical piece in front of judges. She got one of the highest ratings from the judges so her teacher let her perform a song at her choir concert. That was one of the first times she sang a solo in front of people.

“Before I started performing I was shaking I was so nervous.” Rodriguez said, “But after I finished performing everyone was amazed and told me that I could sing. That was the turning point for me. I finally had the confidence I needed. All of the compliments she received pushed her to continue music in high school.”

That confidence has carried her a long way. To be specific, about a 1,000 miles. She moved to Salt Lake City from Missouri this last summer and started her senior year. The fact that she was able to not only adjust to a new high school, but to win the leading role in musical, to be the top soloist in Madrigals and to be awarded the vocal performance Sterling Scholar in only a short three months, speaks volumes about her talent and confidence.

“I think the first time I saw her sing was at callbacks for 9 to 5.” a friend Sarah Brinck said, “I’d been surrounded by musical theater singers most of my life so I was so infatuated to hear someone whose voice was so classically suited and incredibly trained.”

Singing is the way that Rodriguez get to express her emotions. Using this media she gets to reach out to different audiences and tell her story. The songs she sings are very passionate because of the emotions that are attached.

“I am not good at just acting.” Rodriguez said, “I like musicals and I like to just sing. Singing in general like most musical pieces they are all kind of like a mini acting. Whatever they are about, you have to put your emotions all in it to make everyone else feel it as well. And I think that all musical pieces have a story to tell.”

The rush of excitement as she steps off the stage is what keeps her so motivated. The best part about performing for her is stepping off the stage knowing that she did well and the crowds reassurance of her talent. Ever since her middle school performance she has had nothing but confidence.

After graduation Rodriguez wants to continue her education in Utah. The University of Utah has a respected music program. This will give her the opportunity to double major in vocal performance and chemistry. The end goal for Rodriguez would to be a professional singer and make enough to support her as well as her future family.

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