Nick Lloyd

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Nick Lloyd

Lindie Bell, Staff Writer

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Some of Nick Lloyd’s earliest memories include the desire to create a piece of art. He has turned to drawing, painting, and filming throughout his life as a way to unplug, decompress, and ponder. His years of critique and practice has brought him to winning the Sterling Scholar award in Visual Arts.

“It’s a really good way to zone out, in a good way,” Lloyd said while describing his creative process. “I can just think to myself and create art.”

Lloyd’s artistic eye and appreciation for the beauty all around him has allowed him to become a successful artist. Along with his natural talent, Lloyd has practiced hard throughout the years to become better. Lloyd’s parents, Brett and Stacy have observed Lloyd’s determination and drive throughout his life and especially in art. Although the skill is somewhat hereditary.

“Lloyd doesn’t realize he is just like his Dad. The love of art, the love of getting on the computer and making things,” Stacy said.

Lloyd’s dad knows of the joy that art can bring to the creator, and the beholder.

“I am proud of him that he has found something pretty early on that he is passionate about, and that he loves,” Brett said. “Sometimes that takes a while to find, and it can change as you get older but I’m proud that he has found something and that he likes to create things.”

Lloyd feels a lot of support from his family. His siblings have many different interests, but Lloyd has always felt like he has grown up in an artistic home where his skills were able to flourish.

Lloyd enjoys all different forms of visual art, but his favorite media is oil paint. He also likes watercolor and charcoal. Lloyd has also found a fascination in photography and film. For him, the different medias inspire him in the next form of art. “They go hand in hand. A lot of the times I am inspired by a painting inspired by a photo or a photo inspired by a painting,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd’s favorite pieces that he is most proud of are his collections of hands. He is thankful for his different perspective that he has been given as an artist. Lloyd feels like he has a greater appreciation for the things that he sees around him because of his attempts to recreate them. Instead of looking at a mountain, Lloyd sees textures, colors, detail and shadows.

Aside from excelling in visual arts, Lloyd enjoys cross country and lacrosse. He has been involved in the two for several years and appreciates the team aspect. Lloyd is motivated to improve in all that he does and that desire is evident in his sport performance, art pieces, and films.

Lloyd hopes to continue to create and use his talent for his career in the future.

“I’m looking to go into film, and study film, and hopefully one day make a movie. Visual art has led me on this path and it will take me further,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd’s talent has taken him far enough in life and will take him even further. His passion for art has motivated him and his drive has pushed him to improve and grow. Lloyd looks forward to what is in store for him, and hopes to go to school to learn about film. A job in the film industry is his goal and with his determination he is capable.

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