The Stress of Registration

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Deciding your future is tough. Deciding your future in a short amount of time is even tougher.

Recently, the Rams only had 48 hours to register their classes for their next year in high school. Highland High counselors go to each of the language arts classes to explain the requirements of registering to the students, as well as help them choose their classes. Due to the limited time frame given, students began to stress over their choices that will affect them for an entire school year.

“It’s stressful going home to decide what you classes are and then going to get signatures the next day praying you get them all,” student Lizzie Brown said.

Students began to wonder why they had such a short time to decide something that largely affects their schedule in life. The answer: the District. Salt Lake City School District wanted each school’s staffing done for the next year. Staffing happens after students register, which gives the administration an idea of how many teachers they need to teach each of the classes so the classes are a reasonable size. The SLCSD wanted all of the staffing done much earlier than Highland was anticipating.

“We have a schedule to help keep us on track,” counselor Sierra Collins said. “And when the district wanted us to get staffing done it pushed us to do registration all at once.”

If the staffing was not pushed, there would have been a longer time frame for each class to register, going almost all the way through February. However, it is completed now for already enrolled students. If needed, students may talk to their counselors if they find themselves signed up for the wrong classes.

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The Stress of Registration