Dale Is ‘Rambitious’ About His Rams


Audra Welsch

SBO President Will Dale hypes up the crowd during a footall game.

Eli Adams, Feature Editor

The last of a long line of successful leaders. His position was practically handed to him from his siblings. Or at least that is what we would expect.
Behind the veil of confidence and positivity, new SBO President Will Dale feels the pressures of his family as he aims for the goal that both of his brothers accomplished in their previous years at Highland. In 2011, Dale’s brother Matthew Dale served as Highland’s Student Relations officer and in 2012, Thomas Dale served as the SBO president, the same position Dale holds now.
“William follows a great tradition of Dale family involvement in Student Government at Highland,” Dale’s father Mike Dale said.
Although Dale’s family would have not been upset or disappointed if Dale was not elected, there was still a clear want to succeed to follow a long standing family tradition of student government.
Already this year, Dale has been off to an exceptional start with much of the student body responding to his leadership very positively. This is partly due to the charismatic character and fun-loving attitude that he brings to his work. Students are not the only people he has impressed this year, though. It is hard to find anyone involved with Highland that has not been affected by Dale, including his family.
“We are proud of William’s dedication to serving the students of Highland,” Mike said.
Dale claims that he is making many changes to this school, with most of these changes directly face the lasting problem of a lack of school spirit. At sporting events or smaller school activities such as concerts or theater productions, Dale plans on bringing up attendance and making sure the entire student body knows that there is always a way for them to come and support their fellow Rams. He plans to publicize as many events as he can and personally show up to as many as possible, whether they’re the kind of events the school, in the past, has considered important or not.
“Something we really focus on this year is publicizing the smaller games like football and big basketball games,” Dale said, “but you never see the other sports really get shown on social media. We are trying to change that and publicize more and get the officers out to as many events as possible.”
Everyone knows that Dale is the SBO president but his career at Highland extends farther than that. He is part of Highland’s tennis team and has been since his freshman year. He was also on Highland’s basketball team for his freshman and sophomore years. Along with his athletic career, he has always loved showing his fellow Rams support. He loves to attend soccer games and football games and even many of the arts that Highland has to offer.
There is a large group of people at Highland that know Dale, many on a personal level. This can be a hardship for a leader because close friends don’t necessarily respond well to authority or tend to poke fun at a position of prominence every chance they get. This was made clear during the Back-to-School assembly when many people shouted jibes and insults at Dale when he was on stage. This did not seem to affect him in the slightest, however. Every time he would speak he would speak with confidence, and he seemed to block out the taunts of his many friends.
“It’s definitely a little more difficult. I was heckled a little bit by my friends during the first assembly. It’s just part of the job. I just have to make sure I am still doing my job as best as I can,” Dale said.
Even with the pressures of succeeding and the jesting taunts of his friends Dale still works every day to make a Highland a welcoming environment and a place for people to be seen as equals.