Queen of 2018

Kate Roney, Staff Writer

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This week everything has been about homecoming, but on Thursday students entered the assembly wondering what the outcome of one of the most traditional homecoming events would be, who would be their homecoming royalty? There were four people welcomed to the stage, and one of them, crowned homecoming queen was Lesieli Vaenuku. 

Vaenuku was not expecting this turn of events in the least and had not planned for it either.  She does however hold multiple leadership positions, and this is just the latest. Vaenuku is a captain on Highland’s girls’ volleyball team and she is a seminary council leader. Her responsibility and ability to lead likely assisted her in being voted-in by so many of Highland’s students. 

“I honestly didn’t know I was going to be homecoming queen, but I’m grateful for the opportunity and the people who voted for me,” Vaenuku said. 

Not only was Vaenuku humbled and grateful to all of her supporting voters, she wants to give back and has in the past as well. She is focused on making sure that others enjoy homecoming and Highland as much as she has. 

“I try my best to make sure that everyone goes throughout Highland having a good day,” Vaenuku said. 

Vaenuku may have been surprised by the outcome of the vote, but the students showed overwhelming support at the assembly when she was chosen, making it clear that they were glad they had voted for her. She sees this as more than an opportunity for her but something that shows real change. 

“ I’m glad because you never really see anyone of, like me, Polynesian out there doing stuff, so I’m glad that I got to be a part of this,” Vaenuku said. 

Vaenuku is using this victory as a way to empower others and she is looking at it as more than a crown. 



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Queen of 2018