Lady Rams Beat Titans On Their Senior Night

Audrey Hemingway, Staff Writer

Highland High School’s lady Rams competed against the Olympus Titans on Thursday, October 25. With hard work and determination, the Lady Rams were ready to win their last game of the season. And they were able to beat the Titans on their senior night.

In the first few seconds of the game, Olympus took the lead 3-0. The Rams were off to an uneasy start that could have costed Highland if it wasn’t for their positivity. Whenever a point was scored on them, or they scored a point, the team would high five and encourage each other. Not only were the teammates on the court pumping each other up, but the fans and teammates were also cheering from the sidelines, creating adrenaline and giving the varsity team high spirits. At the end of the first set, the Rams were able to surpass the Titans with a score of 25 to 22.

The second set started off being tied 1-1. Highland had the confidence they could beat Olympus because they showed in the first set, but Olympus had even more anger and desire to beat their opponents. By the first timeout, the Titans were killing the Rams with a score of 12-6, doubling the score of Highland.

Before the team made it back onto the court, the players on the bench lightened their hopes. Highland still couldn’t catch up with Olympus, but even though they were losing, all of the players kept a big smile on their face. It showed that they weren’t there just to win, but also to have fun. Olympus beat Highland in the 2nd half 25-17.

With morale, Olympus made the first point in the third set. That was not acceptable for the Rams though. Highland senior Karena Litea spiked the ball so hard, it hit Olympus senior in the face causing her to fall to the ground. The crowd roared with excitement after Litea’s play.

The lady Rams talked to each other on the court, showing them know where to mark when to hit it, and what play they should make. This helped them dramatically because it increased their awareness. Highland won the third set with a score of 25-21.

Olympus was agitated and would do whatever it took to win. In the fourth set, Highland kept the leading score, always being 2-4 points ahead of them. That was until the Titans stepped up and stole the leading score from the Rams. They won the set by 2 points with an ending score of 25-23.

Because each team had won two sets, they had to play an extra set to tie-break. For the first time in the game, Highland scored the first point. This made Highland zealous and their attitude showed they wanted to win. After passing the ball back and forth over the net, Olympus passed Highland with a score of 12-8. The Rams were anxious, as well as the fans. After the 2nd timeout, the score was tied 13-13. Olympus scored another point, which made Highland fans unsure of the final result. But after the tension, the Rams scored point after point. The last ball that was played was settled by a Titan but shortly was played out of bounds resulting in another victory for Highland.