Vikings Push Past Rams In Season Opener


Audra Welsch

Jackson Hawes scoring two points for the Rams.

Peach Schilling, Staff Writer

The Highland Rams fought a long battle Tuesday night as they ran up and down the court, scrambling for all the points they could against Viewmont.

The Vikings started strong and finished strong as they barely edged Highland with a 59-64 win. Viewmont stole the first few baskets as the Rams missed necessary shots to pull them ahead. Bronson Olevao made a free throw to start the points rolling for the Rams.

Viewmont stayed ahead throughout the first part of the game and led 13-19 at the end of the first quarter. The Vikings kept a steady lead over the Rams all the way to halftime, with a score of 27-28 at the end of the quarter.

Christian Rich, Bronson Olevao, Liki Makaui, Jackson Hawes, Chris Rich, and Nate Warr worked as a team and allowed the Rams to lead throughout the third quarter, ending with a close score of 45-43. Although six, and only six, players played for the entire 32 minute game, they played hard.

After many shots taken, many shots missed, plenty of fouls and timeouts called, and lots of running back and forth between baskets, the Vikings took their win home to Bountiful. The Rams know they played their best and look forward to starting their season off with hard work.

“We need one or two more players,” assistant coach for the Rams, Randy Scheiter, said. “We only played six kids tonight.”

Schreiter, along with the other coaches and players, know that more players can step foot on the court and show what skills they have as a basketball player.

“We are going to move the ball and take better shots,” Schreiter said. “And hopefully find that seventh guy.”

The Highland Rams have all season ahead of them. They will continue to train and play hard, and are hopeful to come out on top at their next game.