Classrooms Drowned in Water


Audrey Hemingway, Staff Writer

On a chilly Monday morning, Mr. Brock Edwards walked through the serene halls of Highland High School. As he opened up his door, he was shocked to find his classroom filled with an inch of water on the floor.

“When I saw it, I thought, I’ll be lucky if I am in here by Thursday or Friday” Edwards said.

He walked into his half submerged classroom to call the custodial staff. As the custodians and patiently waited for a plumber to reach Highland, a plug in the floor started smoking. After a few seconds, they decided it would be best to leave the classroom because electricity and water don’t mix. Even though the flood caused a big obstacle, dealing with the problems the flood brought along was another very difficult situation.

Edwards was uncertain where his class would be held that day, but with organization and communication, he was able to book a computer lab for his b-day classes. He hung a sign on his door saying meet at classroom A104. It took his class a while to get down there, but they were able to make it and they handled the situation very well.

Edwards class was not the only room affected by the flooding. The flooding also ran down the wall to the preschool, just below Edwards room.

As the long Monday carried on, the custodians did everything they could to fix the classrooms as soon as possible. And by the end of the day, they reached their goal. Head custodian, Mat Lilly was not surprised by the flooding.

“Because it’s highland and we have had a lot of floods, there was no reaction really, just other than we gotta go take care of it. We all knew what to do because we’ve done it before, so we just went up there and started fixing the problem”.

As Edwards checked on his classroom Tuesday morning, he was left with a pleasant surprise. The classroom was all cleaned up and there was not a trace of water left. Edwards described the custodians work as “fantastic!”  He was so impressed with the amazing staff and was so grateful to be able to move into his classroom that day.