Club Feature: Chess Club

The new chess club at Highland had a rocky journey in becoming a club.

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The new chess club at Highland had a rocky journey in becoming a club.

Vincent Pate, Staff Writer

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Chess Club, a constant in any High School. Often times, anyways. Although the Chess Club at Highland has had an unconventional journey into legitimacy, the organization is many members strong. It’s thanks to the Club President: Mia Hansen, that this club came into being. Mia started developing an affinity for chess when on the last day of the previous school year, she and a few friends played a few games in Mr. Dittmer’s room. Over the following summer, Mia continued to play and grow enthusiasm for chess. Arriving back at Highland for her senior year, Mia took it upon herself to bring Chess Club to life. Selecting a club supervisor was a no-brainer, as Mr. Dittmer was a serious chess player himself, and had started Mia’s chess career. The bureaucracy of making an official club was no trouble; not until after the due date of registration forms, at least. Missing the deadline, Mia had been given the unfortunate news that her club wouldn’t formally exist. The participants of the ‘rogue’ club jokingly labelled themselves an “Underground Chess Club.” Despite the jokes, everyone was disappointed. Thankfully, Principal Jensen made the executive decision to usher the club into official existence, despite the district’s rules. Chess Club could now be official, and the members now rest easy knowing this.

“The purpose of Chess Club is to provide a welcoming atmosphere for people who aren’t as experienced at chess, and teach people how to improve their games,” Mai Hansen said.

Along with firsthand experimentation in the club, Mr. Dittmer will prepare mini lessons explaining various chess theories, tactics and techniques. Using the website Dittmer presents the unique opportunity of analyzing games, allowing for a more intuitive learning experience for participants.

Chess Club is held every Thursday starting at 2:40 PM in D 200.

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