Highland Rams End Their Preseason with a Victory


Peach Schilling

Head coach of the Rams, Jim Boyce, gives the players a pep talk during a timeout.

Peach Schilling, Staff Writer

The Highland Rams played a long, tiring game and stole the win from the Judge Memorial Bulldogs on Tuesday night.

Starting players for the Rams, Liki Makaui, Christian Rich, Jackson Hawes, Chris Rich, and Nate Warr, started out the game strong and took over Judge with a quick 12-4 lead. Many shots were taken and made, including Chris Rich’s three point shot to end the first quarter.

Highland continued to dominate and scored point after point as they ran up and down the court. Makaui led the team to the half with a score of 32-25 after his buzzer-beating shot.

As the running, three point baskets, timeouts, and rebounds continued, Judge snatched the lead at the start of the third quarter.

The stands on both sides of the stadium began to cheer louder and louder, but the Rams picked it up even more. They held onto their lead starting the last quarter with a score of 46-45.

“[It was] a great game,” Christian Rich, senior, starting player said. “Our coach challenged us in the fourth quarter to really turn on the pressure and play hard.”

The Bulldogs didn’t hold back against the Rams and almost had the win. Christian Rich shot the ball and stole the last basket of the night, making Highland the champions with a final score of 60-59.

The Rams will head into their region season opener this Friday, January 11, and they are excited and confident about what their fans will see from them.

“We have come a long ways from the beginning of the season,” Rich said. “And we are looking forward to a big win this Friday against East.”