The “Stan Lee Seniors” Steal The Win

Peach Schilling, Staff Writer

Screaming filled the main gym of Highland as the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes sat in their designated area, ready to accumulate as many points as possible in hopes of winning the 2018-2019 spirit bowl.

Without surprise, the “Stan Lee Seniors” were the champions with 5,900 total points, taking first place in seven out of the 13 total categories.  Although the most penalties were given against the class of 2019, their school spirit and competitiveness took them to the top.

The junior class finished with an incredible 5,650 points, nearly edging the seniors. The sophomore class finished with 3,375 points, and the freshmen finished with 3,150.

Maya Awada, senior and cheer captain, loved being a part of the winning class and will remember this experience forever.

“It’s been that waiting moment until you’re sitting in that senior spot,” Awada said. “And finally this year, we’re here, we made it, this is us.”

The class of 2019 has come in second place for the last three years, and this was their moment to finally take the win.

Will Dale, student body president, and the other student body officers did everything they could to make the assembly enjoyable for students and staff.

Although the sound system shut itself off shortly after the start of the activity and some events had to be skipped because of time constraints, the hard work from student government showed.

“We had a slight problem with people rushing the floor,” Dale said. “But I kind of liked the sense of people being supportive of their class.”

This idea is what stood out at this year’s spirit bowl to many. As people volunteered to participate in different events, support was shown to a great level.

“It honestly feels so amazing to be the person that’s promoting being cheerful and being loud,” Awada said. “Spirit is everything.”

As spirit week and the spirit bowl came to a close, Highland students went into the weekend with more school appreciation and memories. The seniors walked away with the win, while the other classes look to be sitting in that senior spot one day.