Unexpected Softball Fundraiser


Audra Welsch

Highland student smashing car for softball fundraiser.

Bria Neeleman, staff

Audra Welsch
Highland student smashing car for softball fundraiser.

A smashing success! For their pre-season fundraiser, Highlands softball team decided to not do the average selling cookie do or sending emails to raise money, but decided to go out and smash a car. 1 hit for 5 dollars, and 5 hits for 20 dollars.

The softball girls team wanted to do something fun for students to get ready for their 2019 season, and what’s better than taking out your frustrations at school out on a car, something that you would never think of breaking by yourself. It took place in the highland parking lot during bot lunches. It was a fun experience to watch, and a more fun experience to take part in.

“I just wanted to do something different”.

Coach Bob Campos says.

The team needed fundraising for tournaments,travel gear, and any other activities they may need for their 2019 season coming up.

The captains  Sophie dunn, Ofeina Clark and Payton johnson all had a smashing time in their fundraiser, all though they didn’t raise all the money the need for the season, they had a great start, and it was a great opportunity for team bonding. Captain Dunn says

“We didn’t raise as much as we wanted, but we had a blast doing it”.

Softball is a fun thing to do, they do many fun activities like this. If you’re looking for a fun team to join go join softball and go to tryouts the 25th and 26th this month for a great time. If you’re not looking to join a team go and support their upcoming games.