Highland Dance Company’s CXN Showcased Incredible Talent

Peach Schilling, Staff Writer

Parent, grandparents, students, and community members gathered in the Highland auditorium last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights to witness something spectacular.

Highland’s Dance Company never fails to put on a great spring show. This year’s performance, entitled “Connection” (CXN), presented choreography inspired by the many connections that are made throughout the lives of the dancers.

Every dance shown on stage was linked to an important theme or event, ranging from burger joints in the 1950s to different cultures and traditions celebrated in America today.

One of the most memorable pieces was a dance dedicated to the one and only, famous rock band, Queen. Choreographed by Annie Lewis and Avery Brightwell, the mix of genres, crowd-engaging movements, and fabulous skirts left the viewers in awe. The compilation of popular music was the cherry on top.

“We mainly chose [the theme] because the connection we feel as members of Dance Company,”  Lewis, Dance Company President, said. “It’s on another level.”

The bond that the girls share became even stronger this weekend as they performed together for the very last time.

Rehearsals began months ago, in November, and the company met three times a week for multiple hours to perfect choreography, timing, and every other element of the pieces.

Highland senior Journey Archuleta, a choreographer and member of the company, came to Highland specifically to do what she loves most. She came to dance. And this year she decided to take a risk with her piece entitled “Piano Keys.”

“You have to really challenge yourself to come up with something different from the year before,” Archuleta said. “With my piano piece, I tried to think outside the box.”

After all the choreography was complete for the dance, Archuleta pondered upon the idea of including a live musician to accompany the dancers. Anna Munns was the perfect candidate and played the piano all four nights of the concert.

The variation seen throughout the concert pleased the viewers and left them with smiles on their faces.

“Dancing is my very favorite thing to do,” Lewis said. “I’m really sad to finish out this year, [performing for the last time] was so bittersweet.”

The connection the members of the company have to one another will never fade away. Friends are forever, and the amount of time the girls have laughed, cried, and danced together will always be remembered.