Election Debacle


Grace Ojewia

Highland’s elections are underway amid some confusion.

Audrey Hemingway, Staff Writer

On April 4th, 2019, three junior candidates were running for next year’s HAW secretary. Just like any other student government position on the ballot, the HAW secretary competitors were ordered alphabetically according to their last name. There were just two problems.

The first issue was originally, there were four girls running. One of the candidates decided to drop out, so that left three girls running. This lead to the next issue, which was voting. Students of Highland filled out (on a bubble sheet), “A” for Hannah Cameron, “B” for Drew Gagan, “C” for Fanny Navarro, and “D” for Sarah Jane Romney.

The problem was, anyone who voted for Romney didn’t count. This became a big deal because the student government had to go around the whole school the day after to give each student a second ballot to re-vote.

“The just forgot to take her name down and so they still only had 3 people, but four names on the list” Cameron explained.  

Unfortunately Dance Company, Band, Choir and Orchestra were in California on tour. This could result in an unfair election because the competitors lost the votes of many people. So no matter how the elections turn out, we will never know who truly won.