Highland Dominates All City Track Meet


Eli Adams, Feature Editor

When a person hears their name being said loudly over a crowd it usually would mean they are either crazy or in big trouble, but for many outstanding athletes at the All City Track Meet it meant something much different.

Every year, the schools of Salt Lake City all gather at one school to compete to see who should hold the title of best track team in the city. The participating schools are Highland, West, East, Rohland Hall, and Judge Memorial.

It is no secret that the highland team is a force to be reckoned with, but this year presented more of a challenge for our home team because of all the seniors we lost from last year. Luckily, many exceptional freshmen have joined the varsity team. Freshman like Evan Norris, Emma Johnson, and many others.

To many this meet is the most important one of the year because some of the meets that really decide the fate of the team are varsity exclusive meets but this one is different because all athletes are allowed to participate and are given the chance to show the other schools what they can do.

“I don’t run at the invites so this meet is probably the most important meet of the year. It is nice to be able to compete in these races because we don’t get as many chances,” Highland track athlete Ethan Blume said.

Despite many challenges along the way, Highland performed better than any school could have seen coming. Over the loudspeaker the announcers were reading of the names of exceptional performers and many athletes who made state qualifying times.

One of the most impressive performances was from the boy’s Highland 4×100 meter relay team. The leading sprinter in the state of Utah for boys track and field was a member of East High’s 4×100 team. And he may have run an amazing race but in the end the last runner from the Highland team pulled ahead of him at the last second, winning that event for Highland.  

The boys were not the only ones with outstanding races. The girls alone scored enough points that they would have beaten the entirety of the East team, boys and girls included. Many female athletes were awarded medals for their performances, but what is even more impressive is that many ran times that would qualify them to run at the state Track and Field meet.

Overall Highland came home with the first place title beating all of the other schools by a landslide. Many runners are looking forward to a strong end to their season filled with personal records and first place medals.