Rams Baseball Defeat The Murray Spartans 2/3 In Their Second To Last Series Of The Season


Audra Welsch

Highland Junior Andrew Thomas up to bat at the Highland vs. Murray baseball game.

Bria Neeleman, Staff Writer

Highland Baseball continues on with their season with a double header this Friday afternoon. After defeating East High Leopards 2-3 in the last series, leaving the Rams tied with the Skyline eagles for first place. Highland Rams go in fighting to win their upcoming three games against the Murray Spartans.  

After having a weather delay the game, the rams had an extra day to prepare against the Spartans, and came in swinging to Murray High School and were able to out score the TItans by 7 runs and keeping them to a score of two After several misses by the Titans the Rams were able to pull off the first win of the series.

The Rams knew that Friday would come with a battle. Because of the Rams record the (previously not so great) Spartans were out to get a win against the number one seed.

After a rough Start the rams lost the second game of the series(first game of the day) and were unable to score one run. The Rams were outscored 3-0. Highland player Dax Wolf says,

“We[the team} started out slow, but towards the end we started to play better, hopefully the momentum will carry into the next game, Props to the [Murray] either he just dueled us that game”

Although they were not able to pull off a win for the second game of the series, they still finished with a ⅔ record meaning a winning series for the Rams.

The loss in the first  didn’t stop the Rams from dominating the second game of the day.

The  second game of the day was back and forth, but the Rams were able to win the game by 4 runs. The final score was 7-3 and the Rams could not be happier about it. The win was mostly due to the Seniors Shortstops defense (Matthew Thomas) and Isaiah Flores hits and runs.

“It was hard to come off a loss for the first game of the day, but we had to play the third game strong, and not allow as many mistakes”

Although it was a low scoring ballgame, you could feel the intensity of the players. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, hoping that the Rams could pull out a win for their third game of the series.

With the Rams record of 15-7 it puts them in a great position to get a good see in the state playoffs where they will hopefully be able to secure the win against a most likely lowker ranked team. This will be the second year after a 13 year Rut of the Rams making the Playoffs, make sure to support them in their upcoming series against skyline. Game times

Playing back to back games was a tad nerve racking for the players, but winning this series against the Spartans puts them in a great position to take on their competition for first out of the game, and dominate the Skyline eagles in  all three games. The momentum they have will carry them through next games.