Gaby Ebert

Graphic by Noah Herridge

Max Torres, Staff Writer

Gaby Ebert has always loved art. She has enrolled in countless art classes, both at Highland and privately, which have provided joy and pushed her to improve. Gaby’s family has encouraged her to keep developing her talent, and have played a large role in Gby becoming the artist she is today. This time and commitment to her passion has earned Ebert the Sterling Scholar Award in the Visual Arts category.

Ebert’s fondness for art began in elementary school art classes. She enjoyed doing art projects at school, and her natural talent was apparent. Her parents noticed the artistic talent and took the opportunity to help Gaby develop it.

“Her father graduated from the U (University Of Utah) with a degree in fine arts, painting and drawing. So we thought that maybe she really has got some talent, so we signed her up for private art lessons when she was in sixth grade and it really took off from there. She definitely showed that she had talent and put a lot of effort into it over the years,” said Ebert’s mother, Carolyn, when asked on how her daughter felt about art when she was younger.

Ebert also realized that her father was skilled in the art department. She said…

“I remember doodling with me all the time when I was little, and he supports me in my decision to follow art throughout my life. But his degree was not what swayed me towards an art profession.”

Ebert passion for art and the idea to want to continue doing it was of her own. Not anyone else’s, although they may have had some small influence. But the classes at her elementary school was really the first start other than the private lessons.

The art classes at Dilworth were not as serious as ones to come, but they gave Ebert a good head start. Only once a week, the classes focused on the basics of art and how to create something new from nothing. One of her fondest  memories that Ebert recalls from this experience was the  Eat Cake/Love Art event.

“One of the highlights was creating artwork to show off at the annual art show/fundraiser called Eat Cake Love Art” Ebert said.

This event gave the opportunity for the school to make money by selling cupcakes and other items. While also allowing the parents to view their child’s artwork.

While Dilworth’s classes may have provided a good beginning, it wasn’t until high school that Ebert’s passion fully developed into what it is today.

The amazing art classes and teachers at Highland have really helped Ebert to recognize the joy that art brings to her life.  Terra Hunter’s Advanced Studio Art Class was especially important in giving Ebert the desire to pursue art as a career. This was a major turning point in her life, and where she worked even harder on perfecting her craft.

Ebert’s art talent really leaped forward in these classes. They helped her progress in her creativity and originality.

“I found my style through experimenting in that class”, Ebert explained.

A teacher at Highland has had a large influence on Ebert’s art. This teacher is Terra Hunter, and she has been the guide in Ebert’s Advanced Art classes here at Highland. Hunter has been Ebert’s most helpful teacher in all her years there. Which is saying something because of all the great teachers at Highland.

“She [Hunter] is friendly and positive, but still challenges me to be better every day. Her encouragement and teaching helped me to think about art differently and challenged me to improve” Ebert said.

Without these classes and teachers at Highland, her way of creating artwork would have never become what it is now.

Ebert is involved in many things: dance, school, and art. Many people would have trouble finding the time to do all that she does on a daily basis, but Ebert has always been able to get everything done, and done well. “She has learned to manage her own time very well, and I haven’t had to be involved in that,” said Ebert’s mother. “ She knows what she needs to do and she gets it done. She always meets her deadlines, and it seems that the more she needs to do, the more efficient she is. ”Ebert’s long list of activities and commitments could be stressful for some families, but it has been a positive thing for both Ebert and her family.

The ability to manage your time and get things done is important for jobs in the adult field. Art is a profession that Ebert would like to pursue, and it has been that way since her junior year.

“I decided to pursue this field in my junior year in Advanced Art. That’s when I realized how much I actually loved art and the creativity and hard work it takes. I thrive off of it and my finished pieces give me a great deal of pride and satisfaction” Ebert proudly said.

Ebert has worked hard to be able to learn how to create art in different mediums, nd to challenge herself to attempt harder pieces and be more creative. She wants to go into the field of Graphic Design, and hopes to be accepted into the program at The University Of Utah.

Ebert has the determination and capability to do great things. She hopes to take her talents onward to a career in the future, and use them to bring joy to herself and others. Based on what she has already accomplished, that shouldn’t be a problem.