Jayliyah Weir

Bria Neeleman, Staff Writer

Freshmen Secretary to sophomore president to being the Empowerment Of black youth, it is not a shocking Jayliah Weir excelled above others as the family and consumer science sterling scholar her senior year.

Weir always found herself caring for every one of all ages, she always was finding a way to put a smile on someone’s face, and brighten their day just a little. In her sophomore year she was taking a family consumer science classes, when Monich Wilson challenged her to become a sterling scholar, and to take more of the family and consumer science classes. She took this challenge in stride, spending her own dime to travel, and complete courses to become a sterling scholar, she had to take more tests, and share her knowledge with others.

Weir traveled to different schools and states, which gave her a bigger understanding of diversity and others people’s challenges. It started out as just trying to complete a task, but she soon found herself growing as a person. She learned so much from the other students, and found it interesting of how many backgrounds there are in our state and beyond.

Not only was she a sterling scholar, but she took it to the next level and became a President of Empowerment Of Black Youth that took many hours of hard work, extra classes, and travel, she also had to take extra tests and speak in public of what she believes in. Weir separates herself from others with her work ethic and never slowed down until she had her dream of being a sterling scholar in her grasp.

Weir had a strong support system, her friends and family had her back, and were willing to do anything to help Weir with whatever she needed, whether it be a ride to school, help with homework, or just some strong support. She and her mom have a very good relationship.

“She was there for everything, I felt supported in everything I do” Weir says

Being a sterling scholar isn’t the only extra project Weir has done, she also has outstanding grades, participates in extra classes like Yoga, and always has a smile on her face. She is involved at highland, she excels in everything she does whether or its being a sterling scholar, a leader for her school, or even working in a bakery. People say she is the most genuine person you will ever meet and that she is great with people and kids in general, probably the reason she babysits for 9 different families, and all the kids love her.

Weir has thought about becoming a Family lawyer, she could use the skills she used in her family consumer classes with this profession, and it would put her ahead of everyone else so she would have a very advanced advantage, and be able to use skills other lawyers haven’t even heard about.

It will also help her in the future with a family of her own, she has learned viable life skills, and could do so many things with what she has learned in the classes. She also has learned that hard work pays off, and if you keep working at it you can do anything you set your mind to, no matter how much time or resources it takes. She has learned skills that many adults do not know until it is too late, and this will set her up for great success in the future, with her family or any job she may want to specialize in.

Weir’s hard work won’t stop here, because she plans to go to college to get her undergraduate, and then become a family consumer science major. Being the Sterling Scholar has given her ideas for the future and what she may want to pursue, she will be a very successful adult and nothing could get in her way, and she couldn’t be more excited to work for yet another thing.