Heard Around The News Room

Rambler Staff

“He’s a wackdaddy, I’m just trying to stay relevant.” – Coach Winn
“Are we all concussed?” – Kat Schilling
“He doesn’t go here and he has chlamydia.” – Eli Adams
“Can I get a pair of Mo Bamba socks?” – David Burnett
“I have snowflake earrings too, except they’re under my shirt.” – Coach Winn
“No roofie jokes.” – Coach Winn
“Speaking of diabetes jokes…” – Lela Howard
“Just plagiarize.” – Maggie Lea
“You don’t want poop on your hands?” – Coach Winn
“Hannah, is there an ‘h’ at the end of your name?” – Caylee Caldwell “IT’S NOT GOINSH!” – Hannah Goins
“You could just stalk and grab him.” – Coach Winn
“It’s a colon, Caylee.” – Hannah Goins
“I don’t know where it is, but it’s not in my mouth.” – Lela Howard
“Give me your belly.” – Hannah Goins
“Eating food is one of my favorite pass times, but why?” – Will Olsen
“It’s not like you’re the first girl to staple my hand.” – Eli Adams
“I’ll do anything for the gay.” – Maggie Lea
“I am gonna get to do some dirty cards.” – Will Olsen
“How do you get an STD from a cheez-it?” – Charlotte Wolff