Seniors Roll Past Sophomores In Powderpuff

Will Olsen, Sports Editor

On Thursday May 30 Highland High had the last football game of 2019. Normally football ends in the winter but not for Highland because their powderpuff teams had a tournament to end the year. This was a class vs class affair as they all worked to be crowned the champion of the school.
The first game of the day was the juniors and the freshman, who had mixed because there were not enough players on the teams, playing the sophomores. In this first game although both teams gave a valiant effort and kept it close the sophomores came out on top. The sophomores players were rallying around there star Sophie Dunn who was getting it done on both sides of the ball.
The next game was the championship the seniors were facing the sophomores in their first and only game of the day. As this game began the sophomores were in a groove they were clicking on offense and defense and it looked as though they might be crowned the winners. They took an early 14-0 lead, because they had missed one of their two point conversions, and kept that until the first half ended.
As the next half began the seniors came out knowing this was it that they needed to do something so they could win their last game. Their first score came when Elise Francis ran all the way down the field for a 75 yard touchdown making the score 8-14 for the sophomores.
“I was just thinking run and get to the end-zone,” Francis said.
After this play the sophomores still looked confident behind their lead. But as they drove down the field they threw an interception to senior Tina Gard who’s flags were pulled soon after. The seniors really had some energy now and as they took the field on offense they were not going to be stopped.
They gave it to Francis again and she earned her way all the way down the field for another touchdown. This score put them up 2 as they converted on both of their two-point conversions. The sophomores had the ball and they looked like they were running on empty because they had already played a game, and their lead had disappeared.
The first play of their possession showed the fatigue as they threw another interception to Gard but this time it was returned for a touchdown and put the seniors up 24-14. The seniors were playing their best possible football and it looked as though the sophomores could be in trouble. As the sophomores came out to try to make a comeback they had another turnover on a mishandled snap and it was recovered by the seniors. The seniors then scored and the game ended not long after that the final score being 32-14 for the seniors.
“I think it means everything to us we are all moving on in life and this will be a good last memory,” Francis said.
The seniors triumphed just days before they will be graduating and it will be something they can look back on fondly for a long time.