Aubergine and Company is a Hit


Audrey Hemingway

An açaí bowl made by Aubergine & Company.

Audrey Hemingway, Staff Writer

When a first generation family moved to the U.S., they decided they were going to start a healthy food restaurant to promote healthy living. Their beliefs are that if people eat healthy they will be happier and more energized. They named their new restaurant Aubergine and Company. It is located in a newly developed area on Highland Drive right below Barnes and Noble.
This area is very accepting and decked out in stringed lights. At night time, the street is bright and people calmly roam, looking for a good place to eat and socialize. Many of these people make their way to Aubergine and Company. The restaurant is cute and the employees usually have diverse accents from all over the world. The average price for a bowl is around $13 which is a great steal for a school dance or a night out with friends. Not only is the food healthy, but it is also delicious.
“The food is really good and the location is great, it was just the service that was slow” Highland sophomore Anna Smith said.
The service was lengthy, but that was because I was in a big group. The employees were very kind and the reason it took so long to get our food was because they waited until everybody’s order was complete before serving us.
Overall, this restaurant is a perfect choice for your night out with friends. The food isn’t too expensive and you won’t regret it.