Hector’s Popular Mexican Food

Eli Adams, Feature Editor

There are not many ways to get to the heart of a teenager. It often involves jumping through hoops or countless hours of convincing. But not for the people at Hector’s Mexican Food. All they need are reasonably priced burritos and a welcoming attitude.  

Located on 2901 East 3300 South, Hector’s is a popular stop for young people all over Salt Lake and Millcreek. Their specialty is burritos but that is not the only thing that would make a trip there worth it. Some of the other unusual or popular menu items include carne asada fries, a spicy carrot side dish, creamy, sweet horchata to drink, and churros for dessert.=

For a relatively low cost you can get a large amount of food that is far better than any fast food Mexican restaurant in the area. The rows of award plaques above the counter are evidence of Hector’s popularity among local food critics.

“For that quality of the food that you can get it is definitely worth going. It is also not that expensive to get a really good burrito,” Highland Student Brynley Anderson said.

There are not many options on the menu at Hector’s but each one is worth a try. One is not better than the other and there is a wide range of different ingredients that make up that different options. This more than makes up for the small menu.

“I have probably tried everything on the menu and each thing I have gotten is very good. You can’t really go wrong no matter what you pick,”  Highland Senior Paige Perkins said.

Beyond the food aspect, the ambiance is quite unique. With little seating there is not much room to spread out and seclude yourself while you eat. This creates a more intimate setting where you can get to know the people around you more.

Overall Hector’s is a friendly place with good food and people clearly enjoy the experience they have when they go there.