The Misleading Reputation of AP Courses


Ella Janeway, Staff Writer

When registering for classes, AP courses evoke intimidation, but are those feelings justified? In my experience advanced placement requires hard work more so than IQ. AP teachers demand more at home study time, to understand the more complex ideas introduced in the classroom.

AP classes come with responsibility resulting in the biggest challenge of time management. Undoubtedly all students feel procrastination, but with the added time an AP class demands, students can be left behind.

“Lack of time management is the hardest aspect of AP courses,” Highland teacher Kevin Smith said.

Although AP classes call for more time the benefits are worthwhile, studies show. Taking an AP course and passing the exam translates to a higher college success rate. With the additional benefit of being cheaper than an introductory class a 2007 study shows.

“With my AP students when I see hard work, I’ll work with them and help them with deadlines,” Smith said.

Smaller class sizes result in a better relationship with your teacher and classmates, creating a more positive learning environment. AP courses sift the more dedicated students.

AP classes are proven to be the best to prepare students for the daunting task of college, supported by findings of a 2014 College Board study. Developing a strong work ethic in high school helps ease the adjustment from high school to college. Which is one of the most considerable profits of taking an AP course.

AP exams loom over every AP student throughout the year. Arguably the second most challenging condition of an AP course. However, taking an AP course without passing or taking the exam still has its benefits. Due to the work ethic that the class manufactures on its own.

In my opinion the connotation that comes to mind with AP courses, is misleading. The biggest obstacle of an AP course is the time it demands, but it results in the biggest benefit of a well developed work ethic. Persisting through the reputation of an advanced placement course is worthwhile.