Kathryn Watkins: A New Teacher Lights up Highland


Emma Goldsmith

Watkins passionately teaches her class.

Quinn Stephenson, Staff Writer

Kathryn Watkins is an animal loving, horror movie fanatic, with a wholesome passion for teaching English. Watkins enjoys spending time with her three dogs and even volunteers at Best Friends Animal shelter quite regularly.


“If anybody’s interested in getting a dog, they can come see me,” Watkins said. She is more than willing to show anyone the ropes at Best Friends and help aid the adoption process.


Watkins was born and raised in Salt Lake City and has grown to love her community, especially all the outdoor activities Utah has to offer. She attended Cottonwood High School and loved her time there.


Minoring in communications, Watkins planned on becoming an editor. She had no plans to become a teacher and went straight into editing after graduation. She loves being around people and the limited interaction of editing was not for her so she quit.


Both of her parents are teachers and Watkins has always had a passion for English. After quitting her editor job, she went back and got her masters in teaching, and later education.


For her first five years of teaching, she worked at Granger High School, which is in Granite School District. This is her first year at Highland and she has noticed a contrast between the structures of the schools. 


“The cultures between the two schools are so vastly different,” said Watkins “It is a really positive change”.

 When asked what she loves about Highland Watkins said:

“[She] love[s] when her students participate and show interest in [her] lessons,”


When asked what her first impression of Highland has been she said: “Everybody has been so friendly. The students and faculty have been so kind”


Watkins loves talking to her students, and not just about school:


“I love anything scary,” Watkins confessed. She isn’t the biggest fan of slashers, but loves to watch chilling supernatural type horror.“[I’m] always down to discuss it”. 


She woudl love to talk to her students about any of their interests and passions. She has the most friendly and bubbly personality, it is easy to like her.


Overall, her experience at Highland has been positive and she looks forward to continuing teaching here. She looks forward to incorporating positivity into the classroom and the entire school.