Principal Chris Jenson Says Farewell


Noah Herridge

Chris Jenson hugs Rebecca Franco after announcing his departure plans.

Caylee Caldwell, Editor In Chief

In a staff meeting, held in the library after the last bell of the day rang on, Principal Chris Jenson told the teachers of Highland that this would be his last year.

On Wednesday, March 4th, Jenson was on his way home when he got the call that would change his life from this point onwards. After a job was posted for South Summit High School in Kamas, Utah, Jenson “crushed” his first two interviews. Jenson loves the area and the school, deciding this was an opportunity he didn’t want to pass up.

“I am heartbroken, I am grieving, but [I] am very happy for him. This is his dream and we all know that,” Denis Hevner, welding teacher at Highland, said.

Hevner has worked at Highland for 12 years now and believes that Jenson is the best principal she has ever worked under. She says that he has taught Highland honesty and the meaning of family; that Highland is a family for everyone.

“Chris has been the most heartwarming and open and honest principal that I have ever worked under. He allows us to really know who he is as a person, and so we all know this is an ideal situation for him,” Hevner said.

While Hevner has been at Highland for many years now, even new teachers believe Jenson is a principal that will be greatly missed.

“I think principal jenson has done a lot of good for the school and the teachers,” Food and Nutrition teacher Dylan Skiby said. “He lets us find ourselves, our niche in the school.”

Currently, there is no replacement for Jenson as this is a very new development, but Jenson will stay with Highland until the end of the year.

“I’m a little bit intimidated by who we might have to fill his shoes and what they may do because we already have a fairly new administration,” Hevner said. “I do have faith in our admin team though, that they’ll hire someone that’s going to be good for the school.”

The teachers of Highland know that these will be big shoes to fill but believe that Jenson will be happy, that South Summit High School is lucky to have him.

“It’s been a dream working here at Highland,” Jenson said.