Highland Closes Due to Earthquake

Caylee Caldwell, Editor In Chief

Early this morning, around 7:09, an area three miles away from Magna was hit with a 5.7 earthquake that stretched across Utah Valley. 

As small aftershocks make their way through different parts of Salt Lake City, Highland has decided to close its doors to everyone for the day.

“These are very interesting times that you will remember the rest of your lives.  In our collective memory, the Greatest Generation had World War II, the Baby Boomers had Vietnam and the moon landing, Gen X’ers and the rest of the world had 9/11/2001, and now you have the Great School Dismissal of 2020,” Principal Chris Jenson said in an email to Highland. “Although these are defining moments for the generations, I want to remind you that our current challenge is not only surmountable but Highland Rams will conquer it in style.”

Originally, Highland had planned to check out computers to students that needed them for new online work, but with the early morning earthquake, Highland has to be checked by Auxiliary Services to make sure that everything is safe and okay.

“Due to the earthquake this morning, we will not be able to provide meals, food boxes, or laptops/iPads today. We have sent our employees home and are currently working with essential personnel to determine the safety of our buildings and to locate any damage,” Salt Lake School District said in another email.

Computer check out will be postponed until tomorrow morning. Along with computer checkout, meal services will also be pushed back until tomorrow. The school will be open from 9:00am to 2:00pm for students to get what they need.