Gabe Hammond

Charlotte Wolff, Social Media Advisor

“I can induce existential crises in dangerous wildlife in order to escape from them.” Taken out of context, this quote can seem strange. However, it’s just one of many skills that Highland student Gabriel Hammond brought to the table when he received the title of the Sterling Scholar Social Science Representative. 

Hammond’s interest in Social Science began years before he entered Highland High School. According to his mother, he was essentially born for the field, as his early interests aligned with the basis of social science- the study of human society and social relationships. 

“He was a very early reader, he started reading at 4, and then he wanted to read mostly non-fiction books. He read books about different countries starting at around 5 or 6,” Kimberly Hammond said. 

Hammond’s talents lie in English, critical thinking, and public speaking, participating in the debate team at Highland. He excelled in academics throughout his childhood, motivated by subjects that pique his interest and wanting to create an excellent product, noting that he also wanted to get good grades so as to avoid debt upon entering college. His personal motivation is evident in his early involvement in social science.

“When we lived in Connecticut, he wrote a speech for Veteran’s Day, and he was chosen to read his speech on the town greene,” Kimberly said.

His involvement in and love for social science and academics was brought forth when he came to Highland.

“Mr. Bracken and Ms. Jacobsen were both incredibly helpful and supportive throughout high school. I’ve always been interested in social science, but both of them helped that interest become more academic. Ms. Jacobsen taught me how to think about the social sciences independent from other opinions while Mr. Bracken exposed me to a wide range of perspectives to draw on,” Hammond said.

Though he has been recognized for his skill in the subject, social science is not the only expertise that he has. 

“Maybe instrumental. I don’t think I would get it, but I’ve been playing violin for a long long time, so it would be fun to try,” Hammond said.

Hammond plans to take his interest in social science out of high school and into his higher education, which he has big plans for.

“I will likely be attending the Honors college at the University of Utah, where I will be getting my undergraduate degree. Majors I am considering include political science and music,” Hammond said.