This Year Is One For The Books

Highland yearbook staff is working hard to get the year book to students

Eli Adams, Associate Media Editor

It is not a stretch to say that this school year was once-in-a-lifetime collective blindside. With the global pandemic abruptly halting school,, I am sure most students expected life would go back to normal, meaning they would return to school, that they would get their yearbooks, and use the traditional yearbook signing so they could reminisce about the crazy roller coaster of a school year they all just had.. As you know, that reality did not happen.

Instead, classes and school are finishing online.  Consequently, students will not be meeting together to celebrate their year where friends and even teachers sign yearbooks together. t Maybe you are thinking, “at least students will have their yearbook by the end of the school year, right?” No. Yearbooks delivered by the end of the school year are not going to happen. ? Unfortunately, we will probably not see the yearbooks until later this summer.  Even though the 2019-2020 yearbook staff has said that while the yearbooks are currently  being designed and printed , deliveries to students will be delayed by a few weeks. In fact, the reason for the yearbook delay is because the plant where yearbooks are produced had to shut down at the beginning of quarantine. As of right now the yearbooks are expected to print and then ship  on June 27th. At best, students will not receive their yearbooks   until some time in early July. 

Another concern people might have is how the yearbook staff was able to make up for the space in the book that was dedicated to the time  after school was canceled (Friday, March 13). The staff came up with a solution. They  filled  the spring pages with the stories and experiences of athletes and seniors that lost their season or their last year of high school to Covid-19. 

“We have dedicated a few pages ‘quarantine routines’ sent to us from students who are sharing how they have spent their time outside of school,” Yearbook staff member Brenna Utley said. 

Our yearbook pages may not be filled the way we expected. At least we will have them as a way to remember this moment. Even though the year is far from what is expected, it is definitely one for the books.