Highland’s Girls Golf Team Grateful For One Last Tournament

Max Torres, Online Sports Editor

As the coronavirus pandemic has raged across the world, sporting seasons and events have been canceled for high schools everywhere. At Highland, many students were upset about not being able to finish their year off with their sport, especially the seniors. With this being their last year to compete, it is very difficult to not participate in their senior season. The girl’s golf team for Highland had the same feelings, but they recently got the chance to play in one more tournament. They were the only Ram’s team that had this opportunity, and they were extremely grateful for it. 

As their golf season was cut short because of restrictions set by the government, each girl on the team was devastated. Their hopes of playing together and getting to know one another this year were shot down. But when they heard about a tournament they could compete in, they were ecstatic. 

Kora Bloxham, a senior here at Highland, is one of the team’s best and oldest members. When she found out about this tournament, she was extremely excited about another chance to play one last time. 

“ I was so stoked to be able to play one more time, having our golf season cut short, especially with it being my senior season was absolutely heartbreaking,” Bloxham said. “It was really hard for me after our first tournament realizing I would never be with the full team again.”

Just like most teams, the thought of not being able to participate in a normal season is horrible for these girls. When Bloxham realized that she could play but not her whole team could follow along with her, she was really sad.

Bloxham believed that this would be her best season, and she would be playing with her friends. Her view on how golf can transform people and turn them into friends is very cool.

“This was supposed to be the best season that I got to play with some of my best friends. This team, although an individual sport, it is a family. You gain friends that you would have never would have talked to if not for golf,” Bloxham stated. “I have so so so much love for those girls.”

One of the best parts of high school sports is the great relationships that are formed, and not being able to finish off those four years is extremely hard for the players. 

The tournament itself was a great way for the players to get out together and play their sport one last time for this very odd year. While not everyone was able to win, the girls playing found it most important to just have a good time. Bloxham definitely agreed with this statement.

“I didn’t play my best at all, I could have played much better but the only thing that matters is that I had fun, and other girls had fun as well,” Bloxham said. 

Even though Bloxham did not place first or as well as she hoped, she used the experience as a good motivator during these times full of trials. The girls from the multiple teams were so grateful for the chance to play their beloved sport one last time and made sure to not let competition ruin their day.

While Bloxham will be leaving high school, she and so many other graduating athletes will be moving on to a new sporting environment in college. The opportunity to move to a new school and experience life as a new adult and have changed is a great thing. Especially during this time of uncertainty, a change from the stress and problems we are facing is desperately what we need.