Hyping Up Highland

The Spirit Bowl Adds A Bit Of Normalcy To Chaotic Year

HIghland seniors run on the track during the Spirit Bowl.

Rowan MacIntyre, Staff Writer

After such a long time of being apart from our friends, teachers, and the school, a lot has changed for Highlanders. One thing that hasn’t changed: school spirit. Students were able to go all out on April 7th and show their Ram Pride. The high level of spirit was evident during the height of Spirit Week: the Spirit Bowl. Students from all grade levels gathered Wednesday to compete in various events, including an obstacle course, lip sync battles, cheer-offs, tug-of-war, and partner dances. 

Highland sophomores show their spirit. (Rowan )

School spirit has always been an important part of Highland High. Fans yelling, whistling, clapping, and singing at games helps pump up athletes, and walking down the halls in Ram Fam gear makes you feel like you belong. 

Highland freshmen get green face paint before the Spirit Bowl. (Rowan)

Sophomores Tate Nichols and Jeffery Warcup both believe that having and showing school spirit is important. 

“Spirit in schools allows students to bond better together and build more friendships. Friendships are some of the most important things you can get out of school.” Nichols said. 

“I’m definitely with Tate there,” Warcup agreed. “School spirit is a good way for you to be passionate about school and your school specifically,” Warcup said.

Both thought that an event such as the Spirit Bowl is good to have, especially after everything that has happened in the past year. 

“It’s definitely a good way for people to come together and connect through one event, because it’s been a while since we could do that.” Warcup said.

Nichols had similar thoughts.

“Seeing as all of the craziness that’s gone on, it’s been difficult to get people together, and I think a big event like this is good for bringing together people with school spirit,” Nichols said.

Sabrina Wright had similar ideas on why school spirit matters.

“School spirit lets you have the full school experience. If you’re boring, it’s not going to be a fun school year,” Wright said. “This is the highschool you’ll talk about to your kids, you might as well make it a hyped experience. 

Highland juniors attending the Spirit Bowl. (Rowan )

Wright, a freshman, enjoyed her time at the Spirit Bowl.

“I love being a freshman. Just because everyone looks at me, and I have so much to prove because no one’s met you yet. It’s really fun,” Wright said.

In addition to this past Wednesday being her first Spirit Bowl, Wright is serving as Freshman Vice President, which gave her a unique experience this year. 

“My favorite part of the Spirit Bowl was probably, since I was Vice President, I got to stand in the front and watch everyone and see everything go down,” Wright said. “Also planning everything and seeing how it all came together was really interesting.” 

Wright hopes to see more of her fellow freshmen attending next year’s Spirit Bowl. 

“Just look at how much fun it was this year and how so much happened,” Wright said. “It’s a cool experience. It’s not dumb. I feel like some kids think it’s weird to come, but really, it’s the coolest thing all year.”

Highland seniors run on the track during the Spirit Bowl. (Rowan)