The Votes Are In

Next Year’s Student Body Officers Are Announced and They Are Excited For Their Senior Year


Audrey Hemingway

Highland students look at the posters with the final SBOs outside of the school.

Peach Schilling, Editor-In-Chief

Another Highland tradition looked completely different this year compared to years past– SBO elections. Although it was run completely virtually, it was a success.

Not only has it been one of the hardest years for teachers and parents, but also for Highland’s current student body officers. Students have only been in the building for 25 percent of the school year, but the SBOs have done everything in their power to keep everyone united and full of school spirit. 

It’s just about time to pass on their knowledge and their legacy to next year’s leaders, as winners were announced on Friday, April 23. 

Next year’s SBOs are as follows: 

President- Whit Gottfredson

Vice President- Bella Hicken

Secretary- Sasha Messersmith

Publicist- Tali Smith

Historian- Mia Moore

Assembly Chair- Jed Smith

Highland Association of Women (HAW) President- Issy Tupola

Highland Association of Men (HAM) President- Henry Okland

Current SBO president Gardner Folau knows that he will miss being at Highland, but is excited to see what the new leaders will do next year, especially with the return to in-person teaching. 

“I believe that the class of 2021 is one of the strongest classes,” Folau said. “We have endured so much and nothing can stop us in the next chapter of our lives.”

He is hopeful that the class of 2022 will keep Highland’s traditions alive and be inclusive to all students. 

Following in Folau’s footsteps, Gottfredson plans to do nothing less.

“My main reason for running has always been to unite the student body by creating a positive atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable,” Gottfredson said. “I really want to get as many people involved in the school as possible.”

This year’s SBOs have steadily taken one day at a time in efforts to make Highland the best it can be during this difficult time. Good things are coming Highland’s way and the class of 2022 has big plans. 

“I’m excited about being back to in-person attendance at all school events,” Gottfredson said. “My hope is to make next year the best year Highland has ever seen.”