Spook Alley Thrills And Chills Visitors


Laynee Hall

A neon-masked guide meets guests at Highland spook alley

Maisie Stevens, Staff Writer

Creep dolls, horrifying clowns, and doctors more likely to spill blood than stop it. All this and more greeted those brave enough to visit the Highland Spook Alley on Oct. 23rd. 

This year’s Highland High spook alley, put on by the SBOs and student volunteers, exceeded expectations. Many students said how impressed and surprised they were with how it turned out. After finishing some even got back in line to do it again. And the turnout was better than expected; the line was quite long and took a least about 15 minutes to reach the front.  

The inspiration behind the spook alley was creating events that can bring Highland together.  

“We as student government really want to have events that Highland Students can come to,” said Highland senior class vice president Viviena Wolfgramm. “We want to be very community based and show that this is the Highland way.”  

The overall layout and theme of the spook alley was very organized and well presented. The fact that a prison used to be in Sugarhouse Park and a bomb shelter cage is in the back of the school lent itself to a prison theme. 

Guides in purge masks weaved through the basement hallways filled with actors whose sole purpose was to make everyone feel afraid. Entering by the tennis courts, guests passed by the drivers ed classroom in a neon hallway. Actors hidden behind paper reached out at and screamed as people passed the bomb shelter cage in the back of the room.  

Coming out of the neon hallway, victims enter the clown hallway. Clowns are one of the biggest fears in the US, so it seemed only fitting to give them their own hall. The students dressed in clown costumes scared the audience with their air horns and their creepy looks. Many clowns also followed the groups for a little bit even after leaving the hallway. 

Turning the corner meant another jump scare from either a creepy zombie, a doll or another clown. Down the next hall was the laser and fog room. This hall was dark and the only light came from a laser disco light at the end of the hall and as people continued down the ramp a strobe light only added to the disorientation.   

The next haunt was the doll rooms. Creepy dolls sat in chairs in the middle of the hallway and as groups passed by, they jumped up causing yet another scare.  

The second-to-last hall was the hospital hallway. Fake blood handprints covered the length of the hall. The actors were especially good in this hall. They were dressed in scrubs and patient gowns with more fake blood. One screamed about voices in their head while another begged for help escaping. Another one was where a doctor was holding down a patient while the patient screamed. This hall was very creepy and very well executed.  

Finishing off with the last hallway was someone who dashed out from behind a paper shield, causing maybe the best jump scare. At the end of the hall was a girl, just standing there as people passed.  

Overall, each hallway made the entire thing a well-done spook alley and you could tell that each hall and room had a lot of effort put into it to make it the best it could have been.